Subject: 5 Foods That Destroy Your Metabolism

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Catherine here.

Did you know there are 5 foods that most of us eat daily that absolutely destroy your metabolism?

The CSD is all about speeding it UP, so this is especially important news for you.

Two Of The Five Foods To Avoid
  1. Corn:  This should not surprise you since you cannot have it during the CSD week. Corn is really a grain, not a vegetable. The corn we usually eat is NOT natural corn – in fact, 85% of the corn sold in the US is genetically modified: yuck!  Plus, corn is a high glycemic food, which means it can lead to spikes – and crashes – in blood sugar.
  2. Canola Oil: This is the most processed of all the cooking oils available. Canola begins as a greenish-tinted oil called rapeseed oil, and it is processed, bleached, and refined until it looks like what we see on the shelves.  According to Dr. Jonny Bowden, this extra processing leads to a build-up of trans-fats, which we all know mean trouble in the form of heart disease, weight gain, and more.
Eating less and exercising more won't make any difference until you eliminate these 5 foods that slowly bring your metabolism to a crawl:

See All 5 Metabolism-Killing Foods Here!

Make sure you stay away from these foods at ALL costs: leave them out of your grocery cart and don’t bring them home: Your waistline will thank you!

To your health,

PS: Click here to See All 5 Metabolism-Killing Foods Here! This information comes from Dr. Jonny Bowden and the newest release of a fantastic e-book and system called Unleash Your Thin.  You owe it to yourself to learn more about this!